about engrained voices

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engrained voices is series of works are being created for an exhibition in Salthouse Church in Norfolk by stone carver and lettercutter Teucer Wilson. The texts that are being used in engrained voices are being compiled by renowned storyteller Hugh Lupton

These pieces will seem like echoes from deep within East Anglian folklore, tantalising fragments of the past. “In these inscriptions the narratives of place are returned to the bedrock of landscape. Breath is become stone. The chisel leaves traces in the stone in the same way that the blade of the plough furrows the field or the bird’s foot marks the mud… but it carries with it traces of the voices of our ancestors, engrained fragments of ancient stories.”  Hugh Lupton

The show runs from May 25th – June 9th 2013, and is open from 11am-5pm.

The show will include three evening events and the launch of Hugh’s new book Norfolk Folktales

Browse this website to find out more and see some ongoing designs and soon some videos of the pieces being made. It is hoped that the show will travel after it’s initial outing in Salthouse Church and other venues around East Anglia are being considered.

2 Responses to about engrained voices

  1. Jennifer says:

    How wonderful – exquisitely carved, and chosen words – beautiful.

  2. simonhlilly says:

    Saw your stuff via Hannah Willow on FB. Amazing,delicious,beautiful,solid work. Yum.

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